Mark Lange

Mark was born in Whitehorse, Yukon on September 3, 1975. At birth he was adopted by a Caucasian family who raised him in the Yukon and Alberta. His German adopted father also took him out on the land. Mark possesses great bush skills such as hunting, fishing, cooking, sewing, craft skills, woodworking, forestry, and land management. He has done live

trapping as well as fur harvesting out on the land for many years. While out on the trapline, he did not have tv or electronics so he whittled a bit and drew a lot.

When Mark was eighteen, he started to learn here and there through books about how to do West Coast art. Unfortunately, for a period of about ten years he struggled with not only identity crises but also with drugs and alcohol weaving themselves into his life. These struggles in turn eventually led him into big trouble and sent him to prison.

Mark spent the next ten years doing a lot of changing: not only himself, but how he saw the world and how he chose to participate in it. He was closely guided by West Coast elders as he began his training. He sweated, fasted, smudged, and began to do art all day every day for six years. He has studied every book on the old art he could get his hands on because through him it can be passed on to his Taku River Tlingit daughter. Mark himself is Northern Tutchone. His people have no real documented history on ancient culture and traditions; however, he has seen pictures of them doing longhouse ceremonies and dancing.

Mark has now found a measure of peace in his life and has been sober for about eight years. He is working with master carvers throughout British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska. He is on a path to become as good as he knows he can be with the right attitude and perseverance.