Jackie Dowell-Irvine

Jackie was born and raised in Nova Scotia. She moved to the Yukon in 1998 with her husband and 3 children; their dream was to build a home in the Yukon wilderness. She finds inspiration painting the beautiful Yukon landscape. Her paintings have been said to “evoke a mood, create a feeling of being there; they invite you to be a part of the landscape”. Mostly self-taught; Jackie has been painting seriously for 25 years; she has learned through countless hours of practice. She completed a project in 2012 called “100 Paintings in 100 Days” to improve her skills in acrylic painting. Jackie is a member of Anvil Range Art Society, Yukon Artists at Work, North End Gallery and Yukon Arts Society- Arts Underground. She has worked on various projects and attended many festivals throughout the territory.
Her home is on the Magundy River, 4 hours northeast of Whitehorse, on the Robert Campbell Highway near Faro. Living off-grid, is a way of life that affords peace, simplicity and solitude - all an integral part of her painting process. The light, wind, movement & colour of the natural world stimulate her creativity and imagination. She loves working with colour and creating light in her paintings to capture the Yukon landscape. Living daily in the wilderness, in the moment, creating one painting at a time; this is her inspiration and joy.
Jackie has worked extensively in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and joy of painting with others. In 2013 and 14 she delivered 75 workshops to seniors and children in Ross River and Faro running workshops bi-weekly in acrylic and watercolour painting over the two year period.

acrylic on canvasl
8 x 10 in