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Golden Cordon - Halin de Repentigny


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  • Painted on location in The Yukon by Halin de Repentigny
  • 9 x 12 (in)
  • Oil paint on masonite board
  • This image depicts the golden late summer hills west of Dawson City. Halin carried his paints and easel deep into the forest and painted this image "En Plein Air" a French term coined by the Impressionists for painting directly from nature. 
  • Halin was born in Quebec in 1959. He began painting in oils at the age of ten and abandoned formal education to pursue a career as a painter. Halin arrived in Dawson City, Yukon, by canoe as a young man over forty years ago, armed with his paint brushes, a hunting rifle and a pair of homemade snow shoes. He quickly headed north of Dawson to experience life in the remote Yukon bush, living in cabins of his own construction miles from the nearest road. He settled into a life of running sled dogs, cutting wood and checking his trapline on the Hart River in the Peel Watershed. Halin, married a local First Nation woman and raised his daughter in the bush there, teaching her a traditional life of self sustaining. It is this life that is the common theme through Halin's work.