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Winterchild Jewellery - Beautiful and Sustainable

Winterchild Jewellery - Beautiful and Sustainable


Winterchild Jewellery is committed to doing what we can to create beautiful jewellery sustainably in the following ways:

First, the Winterchild Vintage Collection and Old Tin Roof Collection both utilize recycled materials by combining the warm tones of repurposed antique tin with bright new metals such as copper and pewter to create unique jewellery.

The antique tin was originally a four gallon “Imperial Gasoline Can”, in the 1920's the can was flattened and repurposed to make a roof for the log cabin pictured here. Ten years ago, the cabin had to be dismantled because it was leaning precariously. The roof was saved and repurposed a second time in this beautiful jewellery.

From Esther's website:

Why was the old log cabin dismantled?

The old log cabin was leaning precariously and we, the owner's, decided it was unsafe. A close friend of our dismantled the cabin and has saved all of the logs that are in good condition and will be using them along with logs from other dismantled cabins to build a new log cabin in Mayo. Any logs he is unable to use will be used as firewood.

Secondly, all the sterling silver, gold-fill and gold pieces that are left over after cutting out our designs are collected and sent out to be recycled.