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Bev Wood

Beverly Wood is a local Yukon artist, and has lived in the vast wilderness if the Yukon Territory for over forty years. She hunts, traps and lives of the land. While living this lifestyle Bev tries to use all the resources she can find. She creates these unique baskets from hand gathering pine needles and drying them, dying them and then hand sewing them together. The finishings on her baskets are natural stones and gathered items such as pine cones, twigs and bark. These stunning and time consuming creations earned her the people's choice award at the Great Northern arts Festival.

It is the belief of some cultures that Pine Trees, and Pine Forrests are the peace keepers of the soul. It is said that to find peace one only needs to find a Pine Tree and take in their aroma, you will feel the tranquility experienced by these ancient trees on this great land.

The aroma of the Pine Tree is forever preserved inside each beautiful basket, juts take off the lid and breath in!

Bev Wood