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5" Antler Inuit Ulu #9


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  • Steel blade
  • Caribou antler handle
  • 5 inches wide. Approx
  • Traditional Eastern Arctic Style Inuit Ulu, handmade by Mosesee Lewis
  • Mosesie Lewis was born in Iqualuit, Nunavut. He has lived all over Canada's north and now calls Whitehorse home. Mosesee has been making his beautiful Uluit by hand for decades. 
  • Eastern arctic style uluit (the plural of ulu) are traditional Inuit tools designed to represent the tail of a whale, sometimes they are representative of the shape of the tail, sometimes more triangular. This curved design is extremely useful for the main original purpose of skinning animals after hunting. Uluit were important tools also used by Inuit for other diverse purposes such as cutting hair, chiseling ice or snow, and preparing food. The modern Ulu is the perfect design for chopping herbs in the kitchen. It is said that the knowledge of the ancestor would be contained within it, making it stronger, therefore the Uluit were handed down through generations to preserve and strengthen this knowledge. These Uluit are decorative and functional.