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8" Grey Crown Stearin Wax Taper Candle, Individual


We have sold out of this item. Please contact us to find out if it will be restocked.

Stearin Wax produces the longest burning pillar candles and increases the melting point of  paraffin wax to 80°C (176°F). Stearine candles burn longer, with  steady, unwavering flames.  Candles made with stearin wax are  virtually dripless. They burn with smaller, neater flames, emitting less  trails of smoke. You'll spend less time cleaning waxy messes off your  cloths and tables. And best of all?...you'll be spared the damage of candle  soot on walls and ceilings.  Stearin candles survive hot weather - they  keep their shapes, without melting and bending.  The 8" Taper candles have an average burn time of 8 hours and the 10" for 11.5 hours. Made by IHR in Germany.