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"A Tangible Vision"-Wall Hanging Panel


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  • Hand made in the Yukon by Blake Lepine
  • Pine with acrylic paint & Akoya buttons
  • 11 h x 22 w  x 1 d (in)
  • Blake Nelson Lepine was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon. He is of Tlingit, Han, Cree and Scottish descent. The Tlingit is the culture that he primarily grew up with, and it is this culture’s art form that Blake has dedicated all his time to one day mastering. His Tlingit name is “Shaa ‘koon”
  • This piece is based on a Tlingit Spirit Charm, spirit charms form part of the shamanic hunting ritual. The shaman would carve a small piece of bone or antler of the animal they wish to track, they carve eyes on all four sides of the charm and leave it in the hunting ground. This will allow the shamen to look upon the hunting ground from wherever they may be. This artwork is Blake's modern interpretation of this traditional part of Tlingit culture. 
  • Akoya buttons are made from salt water mother of pearl.