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Arctic Sun Orange Pendant Necklace-Mammoth Ivory/Resin- Flare


We have sold out of this item. Please contact us to find out if it will be restocked.

  • Mammoth Ivory sourced from Yukon
  • Orange Resin
  • Sterling Silver
  • 2.5x 1cm approx.
  • Chain not included
  • This ethical ivory is sourced from the Klondike mining area of the Yukon. Mammoth roamed this area in herds until around 10000 years ago, when they became extinct. Gold miners often find mammoth tusks, the ivory from which has been preserved in permafrost since the last ice age. Aryn takes this ivory and uses semi precious stones and resins, as well as the ivory, to create stylish, beautiful and esoteric jewelry. Aryn was born in Whitehorse in 1978 and has been making mammoth jewelry for many years.