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Beaded Keychain


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  • Hand made in Old Crow Yukon by Elder Elizabeth Kyikavichik
  • Beaded Keychain with hometanned moosehide back
  • 2 1/2 x 5 1/2 in approx
  • Elizabeth Kyikavichik comes from Tetlit Gwitch’in.  Her parents are George and Sarah (Snowshoe) Vittrekwa, who lived nomadely on the land.  Elizabeth moved to Old Crow and got married to Joseph and raised her family the traditional way of life.    Elizabeth is also a story teller, teaches workshops, and put in years cooking for community events.  She beads, and over the years worked on gradutation dress, belts, vests, fancy dance boots, slippers, canvas boots, slippers, and contempory beadworks of art.