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Beaded Slippers - Ronald Williams- Men Size 12


  • Handmade in Yukon by Ronald Williams
  • Yukon raised cow hide
  • Lined with shearling
  • Beaver trim 
  • Beaded flower and leaf design pattern is from Ronalds grandmother Jessie Shorty
  • Approx. men's size 12
  • Ronald's family migrated down to Little Salmon Lake in South Central Yukon from the Big Salmon River 150 years ago. They become part of the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation. Ronald has been making slippers since the age of five, and inherited many of his designs from his grandmother.
  • The word moccasin originates from the Algonquin language. This word was used by settlers and has come to refer to any kind of indigenous slipper. Each First Nation have their own style of slipper that have been in constant creation for generations, generally handed down through one generation teaching the next.