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Beaver Fur Gauntlets


We have sold out of this item. Please contact us to find out if it will be restocked.

  • Hand Made by Mabel Logan
  • Beaver /  Commercially Tanned Moose Hide
  • Shearling detatchable Liner, Black
  • Eggyok Hiak was born in the remote Inuvialuit community of Ikhuak (better known by its anglicized name of Sach's Harbour) on Banks Island, Northwest Territories. She grew up travelling by dog team and having all her clothes made for her each year by her mother. Banks Island is home to Polar Bears, the endangered Peary Caribou and the majority of the worlds Muskox. Officials sent to conduct the census when Eggyok Hiak was a child changed her name without consent to Mabel Logan. After graduation Mabel learned her mother's sewing techniques and crossed to Inuvik and followed the Dempster Highway down into the Yukon Territory, where she spent most of her life in Whitehorse. Mabel lives and sews today Edmonton, Alberta, since her retirement but retains strong family ties in Whitehorse.