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Bird, Owl-Adamie Qaumagiaq


  • 4 l x 1 1/2 w x 8 h (in)
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Carved by hand in Kinngait (Formerly Cape Dorset) Nunavut
  • Inlaid eyes.
  • All our Inuit sculptures are carved from a single piece of stone, locally sourced from the carvers community, most commonly Serpentine or Argillite. These stones are carvable but are significantly harder than soapstone.
  • The Owl, or Ookpik in Inuktitut, is a spiritually important and highly noble creature in Inuit culture, and is one of the most commonly depicted animals across all Inuit art forms. The Ookpik is seen as the night predator, the protector of families, keeper of wisdoms and a guide from this world to the next. An important figure in many stories The Ookpik is depicted in many moods from affectionate, comical and playful to protective, combative and mystical.