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Child's Mukluks-Brown/Flower Design


  • Handmade in Yukon by Lena White
  • Buffalo hide with beading
  • 6" in length
  • Canadian artisan Lena White was born in Ville La Salle, Quebec, and raised in Ontario, and Northern B.C. Lena moved to the Yukon in 1995.  It was then she took an immediate interest in traditional Indigenous craft. She was taught these skills by her Mother in Law, Kwanlin Dun First Nation elder Annie Smith. Lena has travelled across the north learning the skills of other First Nation artisans. Lena has dedicated much time to the preservation of Indigenous knowledge and to teaching the skills she has learned over the years.  
  • The word mukluk originates from the Inuit language. This word was used by settlers and has come to refer to any kind of indigenous fur lined boot. Each Indigenous group have their own style of slipper that have been in constant creation for generations, generally handed down through one generation teaching the next.