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Crow & Wolf 10 x 22


  • limited edition silkscreen
  • 10 x 22 in
  • Richard Shorty was born in 1959 into the Northern Tutchone First Nation. Richard is a self taught artist whose unique style combines elements of traditional and contemporary design
  • Dance, story telling and celebration are important elements within Yukon First Nation culture. Tutchone are a matrilineal nation, divided into moieties, or kinship groups, these groups consist of two main clans, Crow and Wolf. Social relations rest on reciprocal obligations between the opposite clans. These obligations are often played out during marriages or deaths at potlatches where the rich oratory culture is expressed through drumming, singing and story telling.
  • Silkscreen printing, or simply "screen printing" refers to a printing process where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto the paper. The image is broken up into simple areas of colour which are put down one at a time by running a squeegee over the mesh, with all other areas blocked out with blocking stencil. This process works well for creating high contrasting and simplistic designs.