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Garbage Truck Santa - Art Card


  • Wayne Henderson is known in Whitehorse as Garbage Truck Santa, he has been a central part of many children's holiday season. 
  • It all started in 1991 when Henderson drove a garbage truck for the City of Whitehorse, one boy would wait outside his house and wave to Wayne every Christmas with a big smile. To make the boy happy, Wayne started wearing a Santa hat. It escalated from there, his transformation into Garbage Truck Santa had begun. 
  • Over the years, he began adding more and more lights and decorations to the city truck. When Wayne retired years later, it seemed like it was over. Wayne wasn't ready to stop spreading the cheer so he bought the truck to continue the tradition, and now over thirty years later he drives the streets of Whitehorse with 6000 lights on his truck, honking his horn and brightening the dark December days. He visits daycares and schools and hands out over 3000 candy canes every year. 
  • Wayne Henderson receives no payment for his role as the legendary Garbage Truck Santa, and half the money he receives for the cards will go to charity. Wayne is set to hang up his Santa hat soon and retire, but don't worry, his son is keen to pick it up and take the wheel. Garbage Truck Santa is a true local hero and will continue to bring smiles and light across a frozen Whitehorse for many years to come. All thanks to the big heart of one small child.
  • High quality art card; blank inside
  • 5 x 7 (in)
  • Includes a write up about Garbage Truck Santa on the back of the card.