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Hummingbird Necklace- Small Rectangle-Sterling Silver


We have sold out of this item. Please contact us to find out if it will be restocked.

  • 1x2cm (1/2" x 3/4") approx.
  • 46 cm (18") Sterling Silver Chain
  • Silver Eagles is a line of North West Coast First Nations jewellery made by Nancy Dawson and Vincent Henson. Nancy is from the Kwaguilth Nation and Vincent is from the Kwa Kwa K'Wak Nation. They live in Victoria, British Columbia. Vincent is Nancy's nephew and she is passing along her knowledge and skill of crafting silver First Nations jewellery. Animals symbolize many things and are very important in Indigenous culture. 
  • Hummingbird: Love, luck, joyful messenger Eagle: Power, strength, and the ability to go further Raven: Creation, prestige, knowledge Wolf: Family, togetherness, loyalty Bear: Guardian, protector, elder kinsman Salmon: Prosperity, provider, and pairs of salmon are good luck