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Inlaid Poplar Burl Box 2603


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  • Handmade in Atlin B.C by Stuart Simpson & Christine Kelly
  • 9 l x 4.5 w x 4.5 h (in)
  • Unique sculptured poplar burl box with felt bottom
  • Inlaid with gold from local placer mining creeks as well as semi-precious stones, Malachite, Turquoise and Azurite
  • Individually numbered
  • Inlaying requires painstakingly fitting small peices of semi-precious stone and metals into the natural gaps in the cut burl. The finished design must then be sanded and waxed many times to create a look and feel that is seamless and natural looking.
  • Burl is a large knobbly growth, common on poplar trees. Burl wood is desired by carvers because, although it is harder to carve, the finished peice has a more beautiful grain pattern as well as being stronger. This makes burl ideal for bowls and boxes.