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Killer Whale - Johnnysa Mathewsie


  • 6  l x  2 1/4  w x  5 1/2  h (in)
  • Serpentine 
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Carved by hand in Kinngait (Formerly Cape Dorset) Nunavut
  • All our Inuit sculptures are carved from a stone, locally sourced from the carvers community, most commonly Serpentine or Argillite. These stones are carvable but are significantly harder than soapstone.
  • This sculpture is pinned with a metal dowel joint, which is not glued. This is in line with the Inuit belief that living things should not be held down as it takes the life in them away, a bird cannot fly and a whale cannot swim if it is glued down. This allows the sculptures to be dismantled for packing and also gives some freedom of movement to the pieces. You can chose to glue the items in place once they are home.