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Lilacs in Vase - Iryna Stakhiv - 12x9


Fundraiser for Humanitarian Work in Ukraine

  • Iryna is an artist from Ternopil, Ukraine. "I work in various artistic techniques and like to experiment with different materials.  I frequently throw paint at my canvas and let my creativity go free. Through my art I hope to move and inspire others, make them smile and encourage them to pursue their own dreams."
  • 12x9 in
  • Art print on aluminum
  • Iryna has been paid a royalty for the use of her artwork in this fundraiser
  • All proceeds from the sale of this artwork will be contributed towards the work of SOS Ukraine, a volunteer-run charity based in Ukraine and Calgary, Alberta
    • Currently, we are providing for internally displaced families who’ve escaped war-ravaged cities and villages. 
    • Most are young single mothers with small children, and the elderly with disabilities. They’ve lost their homes, jobs and in many cases, husbands. Every contribution provides both hope and life support. They are deeply grateful for this aid during their darkest hours.
      THANK YOU for your kindness!
    • https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/sos-ukraine/