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Silence of an Early Winter 11x18


  • Limited edition watercolour print
  • 11 x 18 in approx.
  • Born in 1945 in Germany, Fredrick W. Lemke and his family immigrated to Manitoba, Canada in 1978 and moved to the Yukon one year later. In doing so, he was finally living near the wilderness he appreciated so much and which provides him with an abundance of motifs and themes for his watercolour painting.
  • Giclée prints are digital reproductions of an original artwork, printed using archival inks and paper or canvas to offer longevity. The print is created in consultation with the artist and each print is hand signed by the artist after printing is complete. Limited Edition Giclée prints (prints where the total number to be printed is decided in advance) will also show the number of prints in the run and the sequential number of the individual print written by the artist. Open Edition prints (prints where no limit is placed on how many will be produced) are usually just signed.