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Small Winged Owl-Caribou Antler


  • Hand carved in Atlin B.C by Maureen Morris
  • 6 l x 2 1/2 w x 5 1/2 h (in)
  • Caribou antler on Iron Wood
  • Maureen Morris has developed a very unique craft. Working in antler and bone, Maureen produces beautiful sculptures  of considerable brilliance, both in design and in craftsmanship. In her strong graceful bird forms, Maureen demonstrates the carver’s unique ability to see one form inside another. A graduate of the Vancouver School of Art, Maureen initially came to the North to carve jade. However, she soon became fascinated with the potential of antler as a carving medium.
  • Atlin B.C is two hours south of Whitehorse and is only accessible by road through the Yukon.