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Stan Reynolds - Mammoth Ivory Beaded Necklace with Lapis, 26"


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  • Hand crafted by Stan Reynolds
  • Yukon Mammoth and Lapis Lazuli beads
  • 26 inches long approx.
  • This ethical ivory is sourced from the Klondike mining area of the Yukon. Mammoth roamed this area in herds until around 10000 years ago, when they became extinct. Gold miners often find mammoth tusks, the ivory of which has been preserved in permafrost since the last ice age. The colour of the Ivory depends on the minerals it picks up from the earth and can be dark brown (Chocolate Ivory) but is mainly the colour of creamy coffee. 
  • Stan Reynolds has been carving in Mammoth since the sixties when he made Dawson City, Yukon his home. 
  • Lapis Lazuli is a rock that contains a high percentage of the mineral Lazulite. This gives the stone its charectaristic deep blue. Lazulite is the Yukon's Territorial semi precious gem stone.