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What a Show - Birch Bark Biting-Framed Canvas - Pat Bruderer


  • Framed Canvas
  • 10" x 12"
  • Pat Bruderer was born in Churchill, Manitoba. She is Metis. Her mother belongs to the Peter Balantyne Band. Pat is the mother of five children. She lives on Mosakhiken Cree Nation reserve, Manitoba. Her interest in art began at an early age. Her mentor and teacher was her mother. She believes birch bark biting has many teachings: patience, respect, kindness, creativity, imagination and sharing. Pat has worked hard to keep this traditional art form alive.
  • Birch Bark biting is a traditional Cree art. It is done by carefully separating thin pieces of birch bark. When you get a piece of bark, you fold it two or more times. You place the bark between your teeth imagining what you are going to bite. You begin biting while rotating it with your hand. The end result is a design. Originally, they were used for beadwork of silk embroidery patterns.
  • Authentic Indigenous product: The artist is paid a royalty on the sale of this product. Each art work is printed from an original artwork onto fine art canvas, with a bio of the artist included on the reverse.  The canvas is framed with a 1 inch composite floater frame that comes complete with a hanging system.