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Where the Heart Is 12x15


  • limited edition print; giclée on paper
  • 12 x 15 in
  • Robbie Craig is a Canadian artist based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
  • Giclée prints are digital reproductions of an original artwork, printed using archival inks and paper or canvas to offer longevity. The print is created in consultation with the artist and each print is hand signed by the artist after printing is complete. Limited Edition Giclée prints (prints where the total number to be printed is decided in advance) will also show the number of prints in the run and the sequential number of the individual print written by the artist. Open Edition prints (prints where no limit is placed on how many will be produced) are usually just signed.
  • Where the Heart is...  When the world first paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic –a time when my wife and children (and many others) were ordered to work from home, an image began to dance within my mind.  As I began my own two-week quarantine after being outside of the territory, I knew I wanted to create a piece that would capture how so many of us are feeling.  Something that captured the isolation, uncertainty and worry, but also showed the connectedness of it all. After all, we are in this together.  This image was of a lone house set within a grey landscape. To me the colour grey represents the current vibe amid society. Grey is cool, but it can also hold a certain warmth.The idea of a house is somewhat obvious. We have all been ordered to either quarantine or practice physical distancing by being confined within our homes. For many of us, our home represents our safe place. A familiar place that we go to in order to rest and recharge. Our home protects us from the world outside and shields us from harsh conditions outside. Our home now holds an even important role in keeping our physical body safe, but must also continue to nurture our mind, heart, and spirit. The two windows depicted in this scene show one with an orange glow and the other a dark and frosted blue. I wanted to capture the stark dichotomy and inner turmoil that can surface on a daily basis. To me, the orange window represents feelings of warmth, happiness, and hope. It is on the bottom level of the house, as this is usually where we gather with family to share meals, watch movies, and play games.Upstairs, the blue window represents the grief, sadness, anxiety, and uncertainty of this situation. For me, these feelings often bubble at night, but can also creep into my daily reality. Lastly, I added a heart on the door. This was a way to further symbolize our home as being a place of safety, love and support. Placing the heart on the outside as a way to project these wishes for others.We really are in this together and need everyone to hold tight during these tough times.