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Emma Barr - Visionary Yukon Artist

Emma Barr - Visionary Yukon Artist

Emma Barr Yukon Artist

Emma Barr is a Canadian artist living in Whitehorse, Yukon. She comes from a long lineage of artists and crafts people. The main theme to all of her work is colour. All facets of the colour world are explored. Recent works include illumination with light. Trained as a mixed media major, Emma works with two and three-dimensional works of art in many mediums including canvas, paint, paper, wood and now electronics.

Emma is a visionary when it comes to the commerce and commercialization of the arts world, in her mind there is no such thing as a starving artist-just a poor stigma that needs to be banished. Her works are archival quality and are intended to increase in value each year, lasting many lifetimes. Her original paintings are selling all over the world and sell out soon after completion. Emma spends much of her time painting commissions, teaching young art prodigies, travelling, and being the mother of Aidan and Daniela.

As a Yukon artist, Emma has had opportunities to be in residence at the Ted Harrison Artist Retreat, as well as be a participant in the Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency Program, experiences which have been inspirational to her artistic development.

In addition to her art career, Emma has written articles for What's Up Yukon, a local arts & entertainment magazine. She is an active art teacher in Whitehorse, doing group and private lessons.

Emma is passionately living her dream and giving as much or even more than she receives with the power to evoke strong emotion and even healing energies that are imbedded through the creation of her work.

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