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Daphne Mennell

Daphne Mennell has been a Yukon artist for over 35 years. She and her husband have raised a family of 3 children during this time in and near the small village of Carcross in the southern Yukon.

Her inspiration comes from the many diverse and beautiful landscapes that make up the Yukon and Alaska. She has conveyed this love of nature and the wilderness in a number of mediums; various painting mediums as well as metal, silk, and stone.

Daphne enjoys painting plein air and sketching outdoors. She uses these sketches to work on her compositions in a larger format in her studio. By painting or drawing from nature directly she finds she is able to connect more deeply with the subject. As a result, her paintings carry more conviction of the experience of being in the wilderness even though they are interpreted through an often exaggerated use of colour.

Daphne has a number of paintings and artwork in public collections as well as private. She has taught art classes extensively and been involved in a number of solo and group shows as well as craft fairs. She has become a well-known Yukon artist for her painting and her last two large metal sculptures that were commissions for Carcross and Whitehorse.

She and her husband live in the southern Yukon near Carcross.

Daphne Mennell


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