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Libby Dulac

“The North is my home and the majesty of the Kluane region continues to be the inspiration for most of my work.” - Libby Dulac

Libby was born in England, married Claude Dulac from France in 1970, and together they emigrated to Canada in 1973. They lmoved to Haines Junction in 1975 and raised a family of two children and 6 grandchildren. The magnificent panoramic view Libby enjoyed from their log home and the ever changing light kept her always inspired. It was her hope that her paintings would reflect her passion for the awesome scenery of the Kluane region, from mountain and icefield grandeur to lake, forest and wildflower splendour.

Libby was a self-taught artist who worked in oils, acrylics and watercolours with equal grace.

Libby Dulac


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