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Rosemary Piper

Born in England in 1955, Rosemary Piper immigrated to Canada at the age of five. After growing up in Manotick, Ontario and completing an art program, she moved to Whitehorse, Yukon. Following her work there as a graphic artist, she relocated in a remote part of Northern British Columbia, where she operated a commercial fishing business for 10 years.

Surrounded and inspired by majestic mountains, glistening rivers, and the subtle effects of morning and evening light, she returned to her long neglected watercolours. The years spent working in the wilderness gave her a deep appreciation and knowledge of the landscape, which has found its expression in her paintings. In 1994, Rosemary walked into a small gallery in Whitehorse to submit a painting for an exhibition; she spent the next three years managing the gallery.

In 1999, Rosemary completed courses in etching and in papermaking at the Ottawa School of Art. In addition to her paintings, where colour, composition and brushwork are primary concerns, the etched line and tonalities of aquatint have enriched her visual exploration of the landscape.

“The creative process continually drives me to make images that range from the expressive spontaneity of painting, be it a tiny detailed rendition of a flower or berry, or a large vibrant landscape, to the technical renderings of graphic mediums,” says Rosemary.

Rosemary Piper


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