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Stephanie Ryan

Stephanie Ryan is a watercolour artist living in Whitehorse, Yukon and Skagway, Alaska. Her paintings each feature a bit of the sense of awe she feels when she is in the mountains, on some great river, or in a beautiful backyard garden.

You can find her sketching from a mountaintop or riverside, or painting at her home studio in Mt. Sima.

Originally from Sydenham, Ontario, Stephanie first travelled west in 1994 as a tree planter in Northern B.C. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental & Natural Resources Studies at Trent University, and ventured further north to the Yukon in 1997. She has worked for many years landscaping and designing gardens in Whitehorse, and more recently as a backcountry patroller on the Chilkoot Trail. The wild rivers and mountain sides are inspiring for her art and spirit. Her winters are spent painting in her studio and skiing in the local mountains.

Stephanie Ryan


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